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The SpitFire Podcast is recorded and produced in Washington, DC by Strategic Business and Life Coach, Lauren LeMunyan.

Aug 26, 2019

How many times have you discounted or ignored your accomplishments because they felt average or easy?

If I just do it all the time, why does it matter?

It matters because what comes naturally to you is your SpitFire Super Power! That issue you saw and resolved is no small feat!

So it's time to start converting your...

Aug 19, 2019

It happens at networking events, over coffee, during speaking events... 

The two questions small business owners, coaches and everyday people want the answers to:

1) Where do I get my clients?

2) How do I pay for my health insurance?

What's really being asked with this questions and what are the answers? That's what...

Aug 12, 2019

Why do interviews have to be so stressful?

What if we could really get to know someone's true potential and talents rather than pre-cooked questions and surface level responses?

This week Lauren has been diving into interviewing for a virtual assistant position with The SpitFire Coach.  Hear her tips and suggestions to...

Aug 4, 2019

I wish I didn't have to record this episode.

I wish I didn't have to talk about another mass shooting, but thoughts and prayers are not the solution.

We're angry. We're scared. We're confused. We're frustrated. We're emotionally spent.

How do we take care of ourselves following a tragedy?

It's time to have a different...