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The SpitFire Podcast is recorded and produced in Washington, DC by Strategic Business and Life Coach, Lauren LeMunyan.

Aug 27, 2018

Want to Know the Secret to Success? I’ll Tell You.

Stop looking for other people to tell you how to be successful. Stop listening to podcasts from influencers tell you to be just like them. Stop comparing yourself to glossy accounts and personas. Stop everything you are doing right now and listen.

Listen to...

Aug 20, 2018

After an amazing book launch event for "Spitting Fire: Your Guide to Reignite and Maintain Your Passion at Home, Work and Beyond", Lauren reflects on the power of letting go of outcomes and expectations to truly be present in the moment. 

What a difference a year makes! From a panic attack loaded by perceived judgments...

Aug 13, 2018

Little did Katie and Lauren know that a chance encounter with two cool chicks holding two awesome business cards at a less than stellar event a few months back would lead to so much amazingness!

Lauren visits the brand new Mindspace co-working space in DC and sits down with Community Manager and fellow SpitFire,...

Aug 6, 2018

Host of the newly revamped show, The Danielle Daily, and author of "Dear Self, I Love You, Keep Going" Danielle Watson joins me for a deep discussion on expectations, courage, making friends as an adult, and strategies for introverts to network.

Check out her daily show on Instagram and Facebook: @the_danielledaily