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The SpitFire Podcast is recorded and produced in Washington, DC by Strategic Business and Life Coach, Lauren LeMunyan.

Mar 7, 2022

After being misdiagnosed and undiagnosed for many, many, many years, Amanda Laden decided she had to do something about the inequities in healthcare for women. 

Amanda is out to change the way we approach women's healthcare and to start bringing certain conversations from periods to diseases, to IVF, to miscarriage, to menopause and everything in between.

Join us for an honest conversation from Period to Pause

Amanda Laden Spitfire Podcast

Amanda Laden is the Founder & CEO of Amanda Laden International, a Strategy Consultancy with a mission to help fast-growing businesses develop growth strategies, align leadership and identify market opportunities for change. Amanda is passionate about helping entrepreneurs and businesses to acquire fresh insights, answer critical business questions, and innovate and accelerate business outcomes. Helping business owners realize their entrepreneurial capacity and dreams runs in Amanda’s DNA and passion for helping others.

Amanda also holds a Diploma in Wines & Spirits and lives her passion as the Founder of The VinoKarma Project, a concept which brings people together through unique events and experiences over food and wine with the goal of creating community, connection, and change. Her recent events include an exclusive interview with 2020 TIME Person of the Year, Professor Ibram X. Kendi, author of How To Be An Antiracist. At The VinoKarma Project, Amanda and her team also work with organizations in the beverage industry to create sustainable change across three core pillars: 1) diversity, equity, inclusion, and representation 2) innovation 3) social impact.

In addition, Amanda has lead teams on 5 continents, and traveled to over 40 countries. She loves all things relating to food, culture, and travel, especially when wine is involved. When not supporting her quest to find the perfect glass of wine, in her spare time, you can find Amanda dancing on stages with the likes of Seal, Keith Sweat, and Carlos Santana.